Our clearance methods will ensure that a minimum of 80% of the furniture waste is re-used or recycled.

It is currently almost impossible to claim that 100% of your waste will be recycled, due to current technology limitations and costs prohibiture.

Squeaky Green
As a specialist recycling organisation City and Kent maximise all recycling potential. City and Kent has true ‘green’ credentials. We don’t ‘greenwash’ and we will not offer a ‘water melon service’- green on the outside but red in the middle.

What goes where and turned into what
Over 75% of furniture waste we recieve is re-introduced and re-used in an office enviroment. In today’s economic climate, second hand office furniture is in high demand. It provides substantial cost savings and is the ultimate form of office recycling.

Working along side local second hand furniture dealers such as allows us to be able to immediatly re-use office furniture.

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